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Rubber Mouldings

flexible elastic seal tubes 614x297

As a UK manufacturer GT delivers quality products worldwide to customers from a wide range of industries. 

GT manufacture Rubber Mouldings through the process of Compression and Injection Moulding in presses up to 850 tonnes. The majority of components that we produce are manufactured in our 150 tonnes compression moulding machines which are plc controlled with an automatic vacuum facility. 

• In-House Material Specialists
• Design Support 
• Rubber to Metal Bonding 
• Rubbers can be chemically bonded to metals in-mould 
• Fabric Reinforced Rubber Mouldings 
• Materials to National & International standards 
• Bond to metal is equal to rubbers own tensile strength 
• Fully Automated machines 
• Injection & Compression Moulding of Rubber 
• Free Initial Design Consultation 
• In-House Tool Design & Development 

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